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Whether the passing of a loved one is sudden, or expected, no one is truly ever prepared for how many loose ends there will be to tie up. Funeral planning or carrying out the final wishes of the decedent in whatever way requested is usually first, foremost and overwhelming at times. All daunting tasks are made more manageable with a detailed checklist where you can put pen to paper and keep your thoughts somewhat organized amidst the chaos.
Click here to download a sample checklist for you to use and adapt to your individual situation. Getting a folder, binder or box ready to fill with pertinent mail, bills, financial records and estate planning documents etc. will prove very handy in keeping your sanity during this process.

Steps to take after the passing of a loved one

  • Locate and Register original will with the court where decedent lived and/or owned real property
  • Notify Social Security if applicable
  • Notify beneficiaries to will or trust and deliver a copy
  • Get several copies from the state of the Death Certificate. Make copy and keep one for yourself
  • Forward mail w/Post Office if no one at decedents residence
  • Secure residence from theft and weather damage
  • Contact utilities if need be and save energy
  • Check all mail for creditors correspondence and save
  • Maintain property taxes, HOA and maintenance fees
  • Turn off telephone and television plans

Should you have any questions, or simply get overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to contact local probate attorney Brooke Bryant for assistance.